10 WWE Pictures Of Mandy Rose Like You've Never Seen Her (2024)

The current NXT Women's Champion is someone fans are very familiar with at this point. From starting on Tough Enough to featuring on Total Divas, all the way to her work inside the ring on the main roster, Mandy Rose has achieved a lot. Fans are always hoping to see pictures of her, getting to follow her growth as much as possible.

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However, there are sides to Mandy that people do not see from WWE. She plays her gimmick very well on-screen, but there are elements of her life that people aren't as familiar with, which highlight what her personality is all about.

10 Romance In The Air

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Mandy Rose often shares a lot of content on her social media, but when it comes to her relationship status, she is fairly private. Not many fans know about who she is dating, which is a former WWE Superstar. It's something that audiences do not know a lot about, but there have been rare glimpses of them together.

One of those took place at a previous Hall of Fame ceremony, where Mandy was accompanied by her partner, Tino Sabbatelli. However, if it wasn't for rare pictures on Instagram, this is one relationship that fans would not be aware of.

9 Hanging Out Backstage

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Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville came onto the main roster together, and spent a long time working as partners. However, that isn't just a partnership for the sake of television, the two of them are genuine friends. They have picked up a bond after all this time together, and that is clear from this shot.

They enjoy spending time with each other away from the ring, hanging out backstage where possible. It's something that audiences don't get to see, but it proves that their bond is a genuinely close one.

8 Last Minute Stretches

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Wrestling brings with it a lot of bumps and bruises, with talents pushing their bodies to the maximum level. Because of that, there is a crucial need for them to take any precautions to look after themselves. That is what is happening here, with Mandy Rose stretching out before she goes to compete.

It's something that fans never get to see. Audiences just presume the wrestlers are ready to go, and hope for the best. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, the WWE roster has to take time to get things prepared to make sure that they are as healthy as possible.

7 Teaching A Veteran

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Typically, in wrestling, veterans are around to teach the younger wrestlers as many details as possible to help them grow as wrestlers. However, that isn't always the case, and that is something that this picture showcases from her time working with Goldust in the Mixed Match Challenge.

Of course, Goldust is a well-known name and someone with valuable experience. However, at this moment, Mandy is taking the time to teach her tag team partner how to improve his glutes. Goldust is being a willing student, and it brings together a picture that most people wouldn't expect to ever see.

6 Hanging Out With Otis

10 WWE Pictures Of Mandy Rose Like You've Never Seen Her (5)

One of the most memorable storylines that Mandy Rose has had within her WWE career to this point is with Otis. The relationship angle was something audiences loved and led to them both being prominently used talents. It took Otis to the top level, winning the Money in the Bank briefcase.

While their relationship was not a real one, they did fully commit on-screen to make it memorable. Behind the scenes, the two of them got along as well, and this image shows that. While some fans might have thought they didn't hang out in reality, that wasn't the case.

5 Extra Training

10 WWE Pictures Of Mandy Rose Like You've Never Seen Her (6)

Wrestlers are always working on things and training to get themselves to the highest level possible in the ring. Talent can pop down to the Performance Center and work before shows to keep practicing. But this picture showcases the fact that Mandy Rose is willing to put in the extra effort.

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This reflects the growth within her performances on television. Natalya puts on classes inside a ring she owns, and here Mandy can be seen taking the time to visit and workout alongside her. This extra effort is something that fans don't get to see, but it highlights her dedication to the business.

4 Putting In The Work

10 WWE Pictures Of Mandy Rose Like You've Never Seen Her (7)

It isn't just work inside the ring that wrestlers have to do to get to the right level to become a top star within the industry. Working hard on fitness and strength is something that is also a key part of the business, and that is something that can be seen within this picture.

Mandy Rose is someone who always looks in fantastic shape, and that is down to her efforts outside the ring. It is something that a lot of people aren't aware of, as this is the type of work she does on her own, and that is what makes her stand out.

3 A Supportive Locker Room

10 WWE Pictures Of Mandy Rose Like You've Never Seen Her (8)

In the past, wrestlers were often spoken about regarding backstage fallout and people not getting along, particularly when it comes to the women's division. However, that is no longer the case, with the roster all working together closely to drive things forward.

That is clear within this brilliant picture. Having the roster behind the scenes all huddled together to watch the show on the monitor highlights how much the rest of the talent meant to each other. It's a great shot of the connection within the division, and that's something that helps the in-ring quality increase as well.

2 Hanging Out Backstage

10 WWE Pictures Of Mandy Rose Like You've Never Seen Her (9)

Another example of the women being close together is in this picture, which shows a group of them posing backstage for pictures. It showcases the fact that they all get along, which is crucial to the division thriving. It also highlights what talent gets up to behind the scenes.

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With nothing going on, this is something that kills a little of time, finding random places to pose and put together a photoshoot. However, these are not the types of pictures that the WWE Universe gets to see often.

1 Pajama Party

10 WWE Pictures Of Mandy Rose Like You've Never Seen Her (10)

When fans typically see wrestlers, they are either in their gear or dressed up to look as good as possible. Something that fans do not typically witness is them in their pajamas. However, that is the case with this picture, as Mandy Rose and her friend Sonya Deville put together a pajama party.

It isn't how people normally see them, which makes this a unique shot. They're just hanging out and having fun, much like anybody else would, and these types of images only help to make them feel more relatable overall.

10 WWE Pictures Of Mandy Rose Like You've Never Seen Her (2024)


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