25 Games We Love To Play with Jelly Beans - Fun Party Pop (2024)

My top games to play with jelly beans for a festive easter celebration with the whole family.

Do you know what the top holiday is for jelly beans? It’s easter… obviously. 😉

So coming up with a list of my favorite jelly bean candy games was important to create.

And I am not just talking about bean boozled… Yes, that game is awesome and has taken the world by storm, but there are so many other amazing ones to focus on as well, so I am giving them their spotlight first.

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Take a look at the list below! It’s full of everything from DIYS to printable games, so I know there is something for everyone.

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Games to Play with Jelly Beans

Alright, first up, I have some classic games that will add fun and sweetness to any party you throw.

These don’t have to be used ONLY for easter party games. If you love jelly beans, you go for it. Heck, throw yourself a jelly bean-themed party anytime this year.

1. How Many Jellybeans Are In the Jar?

This is a super fun game that will go down in history as a classic. Its super simple and always a crowd-pleaser. You simply fill a large jar with jelly beans and have everyone write down their estimations about how many are in it. The person who is closest WINS!

2. Blind Flavor Guess

This is not the bean-boozled challenge. The only gross beans here are the ones that you personally don’t. Me? I don’t like cherry. So to play this, each player needs to blindly taste a random jelly bean and see if they can guess the flavor. They have one minute to try as many as they can. The person who guesses the most is the winner.

3. Jelly Bean Toss

You stack red solo cups in pong formation and try and see who has the best aim. This is a super simple game that will make your easter even more festive and fun.

4. Chopstick Jelly Bean Challenge

For this game, you are going to give each player a set of chopsticks and a cup. They have one minute to pick up as many beans as they can.

5. Straw Challenge

2 people line up on one end of a table, each with one straw and one jelly bean. They have to get their bean to the other end of the table, only using their straw to blow it.

6. Follow the Jelly Bean

You have 3 cups, and only one has a jelly bean under it. See if you can follow the bean as the cups get shuffled around.

7. Jelly Bean Spy Challenge

So jelly beans will be hidden all around the house. Teens and kids alike will spend the afternoon finding them; the person who finds the most wins. This is a bit of a harder game for the older kids to play instead of hunting for eggs.

8. Knock It Off

Two people sit at opposite ends of a table, each with a single jelly bean they have to protect. They each get certain materials that they can throw and fling to try and get the other’s jelly bean off the table.

9. Walk The Plank

Here is a classic jelly bean game that I think you are really going to enjoy. Everyone lines up, and a pop cycle stick is placed in their mouth. On one end of this stick is a jelly bean. The goal is to get to one end of the hard or room without it dropping.

10. Pick Up Bean with Straw

Every player gets a straw. The goal of the game is to get as many jelly beans into your team’s cup across the room, only using your straw and your sucking skills. You got this!

11.I Laugh When…

Here is a fun and simple printable that I think you are going to love.

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Best Games to Play While Tasting Jelly Beans

And here is a list that I think you are going to love. It’s filled with plenty of jelly bean games that you probably haven’t heard or thought about, so you are in for a treat!

12. Taste Test with Different Brands

Have everyone where blindfolds and taste different brands of jelly beans to find the real jelly belly.

13. Tik Tack Toe

This one is simple. You just play tic tac toe but instead of the regular set of Xs and Os, you use two different colors of jelly beans.

14. Build a House with Jelly Beans and Toothpicks

See who can build the coolest house using only jelly beans and toothpicks.

15. Easter Egg Guestimation

You have 5 different fake eggs sitting on a table. Each one has a different amount of beans in the middle. You have to shake them and guess how many are in each.

16. Mouth Toss

For this you are essentially tossing a jelly bean into your partner’s mouth, and every time you make it, you have to take a step back and do it again.

17. How Many Can You Catch?

Toss up a handful of beans and see how many you can catch. The person with the most is deemed the winner.

18. Make Jelly Bean Jewelry

You can do this with some string and a dull needle. You simply string them along and then, when you are done, tie them off.

19.Jelly Belly Prayer Board Game

Here is a fun one for those of you who are religious. It’s perfect for easter!

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20. Jelly Belly Art

Glue jelly beans to a canvas; they are your medium for making your very own self-portrait. Or you can create a heart, a flower…anything you want.

21. Sort The Beans

See how fast each player can sort the different jelly beans into different colors.

22. Jelly Bean Catapult

Use a plastic spoon on one end of the table to catapult them into a cup on the other end.

23. Name Jelly Bean Flavors

See who knows the most jelly belly flavors!

24. Sour Bean Challenge

Get the warhead jelly beans and see who can withstand the sourness!

The Iconic Jelly Belly Game

25. Beanboozled

And, of course, I saved the best for last. This is the most famous jelly bean game out there, and for a good reason. It’s loads of fun! You never know what you are going to get with this one. This is the gross jelly bean game that shook the nation!

How do you play the BeanBoozled challenge? Well, you get a mix of jelly belly’s best and GROSSEST flavors that look virtually the same. You spin the wheel, pick up the color, and hope that it’s the good one. Think of it like Russian roulette but with your taste buds.

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There you have it, the best Games to Play with Jelly Beans! I hope you loved these ideas and that you are as excited as I am for you to play them.

I am kind of a nerd when it comes to party games. I will own it! So let loose, play some jelly bean games, and have the best time.

I have so many other food-inspired games for you to look at, but I think you should start with the salad bowl game. It’s a classic, and I promise you it makes every party a little bit more fun!

25 Games We Love To Play with Jelly Beans - Fun Party Pop (2024)


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