Breckie Hill: Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Boyfriend, Networth (2024)

Breckie Hill: Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Boyfriend, Networth (1)

Breckie Hill is a prominent American TikTok star, Instagram model, social media influencer, content creator, internet personality, entrepreneur, and public figure. Born on April 18, 2003, in Edina, Minnesota, USA, Breckie has made a name for herself through her engaging content on various social media platforms.

Who is Breckie Hill?

Breckie Hill’s online journey has been nothing short of impressive. She has gained widespread recognition for her captivating lip-sync videos on TikTok and her striking modeling content shared across social media.

Breckie Hill’s Life, Age, and Birthday

Breckie Hill was born on April 18, 2003, in Edina, Minnesota, making her 20 years old as of 2023. Her zodiac sign is Aries, and she celebrates her birthday on April 18th each year. Breckie is an American by nationality, residing in the United States.

Family, Parents, Siblings, and Ethnicity

Breckie’s hails from a well-established family, although specific details about her parents remain undisclosed. According to reports, her father is involved in business, while her mother is a homemaker. Information about Breckie’s siblings remains private. She belongs to a mixed ethnicity and follows the Christian religion.

Breckie Hill: Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Boyfriend, Networth (2)

Love Life and Boyfriend

As of now, there is no publicly available information about her current relationship status or boyfriend. She maintains a private personal life and has not disclosed details about her romantic relationships.

Educational Background

In pursuit of her education, Breckie attended Edina High School for her primary education. Later, she continued her studies at Gustavus Adolphus College, emphasizing the importance of education in her life.

Physical Appearance

Breckie’s possesses a stunning physical appearance. She stands at 5 feet 4 inches tall and maintains a weight of approximately 50 kilograms. Her captivating dark brown eyes and blonde hair add to her charm. With an elegant persona and a charming smile, Breckie’s captivates her audience effortlessly.

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Breckie Hill: Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Boyfriend, Networth (3)
NameBreckie Hill
ProfessionTikTok Star, Instagram Model, Social Media Influencer, Content Creator, Internet Personality, Entrepreneur, and Public Figure
Height5 feet 4 inches
WeightApproximately 50 kg
Date of BirthApril 18, 2003
Age (as of 2023)20 Years Old
BirthplaceEdina, Minnesota, USA
Net WorthEstimated at $600,000

Breckie Hill’s Career

Breckie Hill has built a multifaceted career as a TikTok sensation, Instagram model, social media influencer, content creator, and entrepreneur. She gained prominence for her lip-sync videos and modeling content, often featuring the hottest songs. In May 2022, one of her lip-sync videos went viral, amassing over 2 million views and propelling her into the limelight.

Breckie frequently collaborates with other content creators and influencers, creating engaging lip-sync videos. Her social media presence extends beyond TikTok, as she actively engages with her audience on platforms like Instagram, where she shares her stunning pictures.

Net Worth and Lifestyle

Net Worth and Lifestyle Breckie Hill’s primary source of income is her thriving online career. In addition to her professional success, she earns through paid promotions, brand collaborations, content creation, and modeling. According to sources, She estimated net worth is approximately $600,000, affording her a lavish lifestyle.

Breckie Hill’s Income vs. NFL Quarterbacks

To put Breckie Hill’s earnings into context, let’s compare her reported annual income to some notable NFL quarterbacks for the year 2023. Below is a table illustrating the earnings of Hill alongside select NFL quarterbacks:

Breckie Hill: Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Boyfriend, Networth (4)
NameAnnual Earnings (2023)
Breckie Hill$6 million
Andy DaltonApproximately $6 million
Tua TagovailoaEstimated $2 million
Will LevisEstimated $2 million
Sam DarnoldApproximately $5 million
Trevor LawrenceApproximately $10 million
Baker MayfieldApproximately $18 million
Zach WilsonApproximately $11 million

Some Lesser Known Facts About Breckie Hill

  • Breckie Hill actively promotes swimwear, fashion, and bikini brands on her social media platforms.
  • She enjoys spending time with her friends and family.
  • Breckie is a former cheerleader during her high school days.
  • She prefers iPhone as her mobile device.
  • Her Instagram account is verified.
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Who is Breckie’s?

Breckie’s is a prominent American TikTok star, Instagram model, and social media influencer.

How old is Breckie’s ?

As of 2023, Hill is 20 years old.

What is Breckie Hill’s height?

Breckie’s stands at 5 feet 4 inches tall.

Does Breckie Hill have a boyfriend?

There is no publicly available informatio Hill’s current relationship status or boyfriend.

What is Breckie Hill’s net worth?

Breckie’s estimated net worth is approximately $600,000.

How did Breckie Hill first gain popularity on TikTok?

Breckie gained popularity on TikTok primarily through her engaging lip-sync videos and modeling content, which resonated with a wide audience.

Does Breckie Hill have any notable collaborations with other influencers?

Yes, Hill has collaborated with various other influencers and content creators on TikTok, often creating entertaining lip-sync videos together.

What kind of content can you find on Breckie Hill’s Instagram?

On her Instagram profile, Breckie shares a diverse range of content, including stunning modeling photos, lifestyle snapshots, and occasional glimpses into her daily life.

Does Breckie Hill have plans to expand her career beyond social media?

While there’s no concrete information about her future plans, many social media influencers explore various avenues, including entrepreneurship and brand collaborations, to diversify their careers.

What is Breckie Hill’s favorite type of content to create on TikTok?

Breckie has expressed her passion for creating lip-sync videos set to the hottest songs, which have been particularly well-received by her audience.

What are some of the challenges Breckie has faced during her rise to fame?

Like many social media influencers, she may have faced challenges such as dealing with online trolls, managing her online reputation, and balancing her personal life with her online career.

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Does Breckie Hill have any future projects or collaborations in the pipeline?

As of now, there are no publicly announced upcoming projects or collaborations involving Hill. However, the world of social media is dynamic, and new opportunities may arise in the future.


Breckie Hill’s journey from being a TikTok sensation to a thriving social media influencer and model is a testament to her talent and dedication. With a substantial online following and a thriving career, she continues to make her mark in the digital world while keeping her personal life private. Subscribe to stay updated on the latest developments in Breckie Hill’s exciting career!


Breckie Hill: Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Boyfriend, Networth (2024)


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