What Is A Russian Manicure? (2024)

Published on: Apr 10, 2022 • 5 min read

If you’re a fan of TikTok or YouTube, you’ve likely run across the “Russian manicure technique.”

This unique manicure has taken the world by storm, and all we can say is, “Thanks, Russian nail technicians!”

The Russian manicure is quickly becoming touted as the best and most flawless manicure style out there.

Curious about these Russian manicures? So were we. And that’s why we researched high and low to see what this trending manicure is all about.

We can’t wait to share everything we know with you today.

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What Is a Russian Manicure?

In many ways, a Russian manicure is like any other kind of manicure. However, unlike traditional manicures, the nail technician focuses on cuticle work.

Oh, and if you were wondering - the cuticle is that pesky layer of clear skin that borders the bottom edge of your nail bed on the hands and feet.

Also referred to as a “dry” or “e-file” manicure, an experienced nail technician uses an electronic file to remove the cuticles entirely.

This is far different than the “usual” manicure method (gel polish, acrylic, etc.), in which the nail salon techs will soak the nails and use a cuticle pusher or orange stick to push cuticles back against the nail plate.

The process goes something like this:

  1. Remove current nail polish. If you have a gel or acrylic manicure, the nail techs will remove it using an electric drill.
  2. Remove extra skin and cuticles. Using a sharper drill bit, a nail professional will eliminate cuticles and excess skin within the proximal nail fold.
  3. Clean cuticles. The nail tech will then ensure that the cuticle area is entirely cleaned before moving forward.
  4. Buff the nail. The nail tech will buff the nail bed to finish off with a stunning, shiny nail.
  5. Style. If desired, the final step is to style the nail. This can include anything from the regular polish on the nails to more intricate nail art.

Russian Manicure vs. Regular Manicure

Russian manicures and regular manicures are different but not exponentially unalike. Here are a few key differences between the two.

  • A Russian manicure uses an electronic file with fine bits to work on the cuticle area rather than a soak and cuticle pusher.
  • Russian manicures take much longer to achieve than traditional ones, with most taking at least three to five hours.
  • A Russian manicure will have longer, and healthier-looking results as the polish can reach every inch of the nail bed, rather than leaving a layer of thin skin behind.
  • Russian manicures can’t be done at home. Although there are tutorials, the Russian manicure process should only be done by a professional.

Are Russian Manicures Safe?

This type of manicure is actually illegal in many states in the United States. Why? Because it could potentially harm your cuticles.

See, the cuticles are more than just a pesky layer of skin that can cause your nails (gel manicures, regular manicures, etc.) to look short and stumpy.

Cuticles are also the area that protect the root. So, cutting cuticles or pushing them back too far places you at a greater risk for irritation, bacteria, infection, and other germs and health problems.

However, professionals trained for this technique (such as the individuals from Profi nails) claim that they can do this safely and effectively.

In fact, there is the argument that using an e-file is safer for the cuticle area because nippers can cause uneven results. They may also knick an area, leading to possible infection and irritation.

The most significant danger comes from this technique being performed by the wrong hands - i.e., people who are not trained to perform this manicure (or pedicure) process.

What Are The Benefits of Russian Manicure?

As long as a professional performs these beauty services in quality salons, the benefits outweigh the risks.

Data shows that these are some of the most significant benefits of a Russian manicure:

  • Picture-perfect finish. Since any dry skin, cuticle area, hangnail, and other deformities are removed from the body entirely; you get a stunning, Insta-worthy finish.
  • Longer nails. It may be an illusion - but who cares? Since the cuticle and surrounding skin is no longer present, your nails will instantly appear longer.
  • Shinier nails. This beauty process is all about the cuticles and the nail bed. Even without any nail polish, you will have polished and enviable fingernails.
  • Faster nail growth. Some audience insights say that the nails grow quicker after a Russian manicure.
  • Longer-lasting. Are you tired of spending so much time in the salon? While your first appointment will be pretty long, the manicure lasts three to four weeks.

Russian Manicure FAQ

Do Russian Manicures Hurt?

A Russian manicure will typically hurt, and depending on your pain tolerance, it could be a lot or a little.

However, a professional in a nail salon will have the right trimming tools and techniques to ensure the pain is kept to a minimum.

Also, keep in mind that you’re likely to experience some discomfort with any kind of nail treatment you engage in. For example, lots of people feel pain after acrylics.

Is Russian Manicure Better?

If looks are the only thing that matter to you, then yes, a Russian manicure is “better.”

However, it’s still up in the air whether or not this technique is better for your finger tips than others.

It really comes down to personal preference and whether or not you’re comfortable with this treatment.

Regardless, though, make sure you are going to a professional for this treatment to avoid any potential issues.

What Is A Russian Manicure? (2024)


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